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The following companies provide products and services to TransformIT. We would not be able to work as efficiently and effectively as we do without the help of these fine organisations and their people.



Bookkeeping is not our main business and using Xero helps us minimise the amount of time we spend on the finances.


PB Technologies

We use PB Tech almost exclusively to supply for our technology gear and the gear we procure for the customers that we do installations for.  They aren't always the cheapest on everything but they are consistently the best value supplier and their aftersales support is as straightforward as I've found for a technology supplier.



A no nonsense ISP that we use for our own critical services such as corporate mail and website hosting. Not the quickest turnaround for support but the people they have do actually know what they are doing and normally fix issues first time around.



We use Office 365 and OneDrive and couldn't do our job without them.



Like many companies, we have shifted our critical business data into the cloud.  However, just because our data is in the cloud, that doesn't mean that we still don't need to keep physically separate backups just in case.  Now of course, our local backups are our secondary backups which is the reverse of how it used to be in the old days. Acronis True Image software has saved our bacon more times than I would like to admit.